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Providing simple, cost-effective, and easy to understand legal counsel for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Welcome to Raoufpour Law Firm, PLLC, where client satisfaction and results-driven advocacy are our top priorities. Our firm specializes in a range of legal areas, including real estate contracts, commercial agreements, franchise law, business negotiations, and corporate law. With a strong reputation for delivering personalized and effective solutions, we have a proven track record of success in navigating the complex legal landscape for our clients. Whether you’re facing a business dispute, starting a business, purchasing or selling a property, navigating lease issues, or entering into a contract, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation for our clients.

As the Managing Member of Raoufpour Law Firm, PLLC, I provide interim or external legal consulting for firms and companies in need of a project-based legal support and counsel. I also provide project-based legal work to individuals and businesses needing assistance with commercial agreements, corporate advice, contracts, acquisitions and dispositions, and legal risk mitigation.

Michael Raoufpour

Managing Member & FOUNDER OF raoufpour law firm


An experienced lawyer known for exceptional legal acumen and a history of delivering favorable outcomes for clients.

Private Service

A private service lawyer dedicated to delivering personalized legal solutions with utmost confidentiality and excellence.


A legal protection lawyer specializing in safeguarding clients’ rights with strategic counsel and comprehensive representation.

Your Justice, My Mission.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Clients prefer Raoufpour Law Firm for its exceptional legal expertise, personalized service, and a proven history of successful outcomes. With a commitment to understanding individual client needs, our firm delivers tailored legal solutions and transparent communication throughout the process. Choose Raoufpour Law Firm for dedicated and reliable representation for your next project.

In selecting Raoufpour Law Firm, clients benefit from a personalized approach that goes beyond traditional legal services. Our firm prioritizes client satisfaction by providing dedicated attention, clear guidance, and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies within various legal domains. With a focus on achieving favorable results, Raoufpour Law Firm stands as a reliable choice for those seeking a legal partner dedicated to their success and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Question

I handle a variety of legal matters, offering expertise in areas such as real estate transactions, commercial contracts, franchising, and legal advisement to address the specific needs of my clients.

To set up a consultation, you can reach out through michael@raoufpourlawfirm.com, allowing us to delve into the details of your legal needs and address any preliminary questions.

My dedication to emphasize distinctive qualities, such as personalized service, efficiency, thoroughness, and client collaboration distinguishes my legal practice, ensuring comprehensive and effective support.

While costs, outcomes, and timelines vary, during our consultation, I'll offer insights into potential scenarios and an approximate timeline based on the specifics of your situation.

The duration for each contract and negotiations varies greatly from one situation to another, and can be dependent on the facts, parties, what's previously been discussed and agreed upon, and the willingness of each party to work together to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.